I am Moving, I am Learning for Preschoolers

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I am Moving, I am Learning (IMIL) is nationally recognized and improves the quantity and quality of physical activity in early childhood settings. Participants learn and practice strategies to enhance structured physical activity through music and movement for young children. Participants develop program-specific action plans to successfully implement I am Moving, I am Learning into daily routines. Participants will receive an IMIL book and teaching materials.

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Course Delivery Method
Face to Face. See information below about how to register.

Target Audience
Early childhood educators and health educators who work with children aged two through five.

Participants must have an interest in instilling healthy habits in young children. Participants must be willing to participate in lively music based physical activity. Accommodations will be made for those with physical special needs

There may be a fee associated with this course.

Upon completing this course, learners will be able to:
  • Describe the key elements, strategies and resources needed to increase physical activity
  • Identify three keys to success for working with diverse populations
  • Identify and practice at least two learning activities for engaging children in learning activities that incorporate matching, sorting and seriation
  • Identify and practice at least two learning activities that support children's development of language and literacy
  • Create implementation plan for your individual program
  • Describe current research on physical development
  • Identify and practice at least six opportunities for music and dance throughout the day

This course is aligned to Colorado's Competencies for Early Childhood Educators and Administrators.

  • Family and Community Partnerships 5.3: Analyzes own barriers and biases that might hinder the development of mutually respectful relationships with families and community.
  • Health, Safety, and Nutrition 8.1: Describes curriculum-based activities emphasizing the basics of nutrition, physical, and medical care.
  • Teaching Practices 8.3: Plans, monitors, and evaluates program curriculum for integration of daily routines and learning opportunities that promote physical development for all children.
  • Teaching Practices 17.1:  Identifies and participates in established developmentally appropriate daily learning opportunities to support language and literacy development.
  • Teaching Practices 22.2: Selects learning opportunities which can be used within the school environment related to the understanding of  • Numbers, quantity, grouping, and ordering • Changes in structure, shape, and size • Measuring learning opportunities.
  • Teaching Practices 39.1:  Identifies open-ended materials which encourage creativity; describes how the process of creating is more important than the end product.
This course is available through Healthy Child Care Colorado. Please visit the organization's website to register for this course or to schedule a training for your program. You may also contact Healthy Child Care Colorado by phone, (303) 339-6800, or email, info@healthychildcare.org.

Last Update 7/26/2019
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This course has been recognized as aligned to The Colorado Competencies and meeting best practice standards for adult instruction through the Colorado Shines PDIS Training Alignment Process. The Rules Regulating Child Care Facilities, issued by the Division of Early Care and Learning, Colorado Department of Human Services, take precedence over any course content.

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For more information, contact your child care licensing specialist.

Please note, instructors will mark your attendance and course completion in the Colorado Shines PDIS within seven days of the course event date. Paper certificates might not be issued at this training. You may confirm your course completion, view, and print an online certificate through My Dashboard – My PDIS Transcript menu navigation of the Colorado Shines PDIS. Please do not upload a course certificate that is already linked to your Colorado Shines PDIS account as this may delay processing of professional credentials.

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This course is available through Healthy Child Care Colorado. Please visit the organization's website to register for this course or to schedule a training for your program.

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