How to Use Authentic Child Assessment Data to Achieve Positive Outcomes - Administrator Focus

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This course is intended to help school and center administrators use authentic assessment data to achieve positive child outcomes. You will learn about foundational principles of data use; and strategies for using assessment data for common purposes at the administrator level including data analysis, reporting, program improvement, and support and monitoring educators.

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We strongly encourage administrators, directors, principals, instructional coaches, and other school or center leaders to complete the How to Use Authentic Child Assessment Data to Achieve Positive Outcomes -  Educator Focuscourse to train/coach educators on the use of assessment data at their own level.

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Online self-paced course.

Target Audience
Early childhood administrators, child care center directors, principals, and other administrative staff responsible for supervising educators who use an authentic, observational child assessment system such as GOLD by Teaching Strategies or COR Advantage by High Scope.


Upon completion, the learner will be able to:

  • Apply strategies of authentic child assessment data use for programmatic planning, supporting staff, monitoring implementation, and analyzing results throughout the school year.
COA 1.3 Evaluates, implements, and monitors a confidential system of indirect and direct child observation and assessment methods that addresses all developmental domains of child development. 
COA 2.3. Plans, evaluates, implements, and monitors programmatic systems to ensure child observation and assessment results are used to inform curriculum and professional practices. 
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Last updated: April 8, 2019

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