Exploring Literacy through Creative Process and Close Looking

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The Denver Art Museum and the Denver Public Library are teaming up for an interactive workshop to uncover playful strategies and tools for supporting early learners on their journey through language and visual arts. Join us to discover and create ways to engage your students. Participants will leave with practical ideas for the classroom.

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Face to Face

Target Audience
Training is appropriate for entry level and experienced early childhood teachers, supporting teachers, directors, coaches and family providers who support children 2 1/2 to 5 years of age.


There may be a fee associated with this training.

Upon completion, learner will be able to:

  • Identify nonverbal ways of making meaning by performing tableaus. Learners will be able to restate 2 strategies for close looking.
  • Participants will plan and reflect on at least two ways they plan to use materials with students to engage in the creative process and will be able to list two questions or sentence starters which will support the monitoring of student’s learning.
  • Participants will plan when and how they can guide their students to explore different media. They will reflect on using multiple media and how it relates to creative process and expression.
  • Participants will be able to briefly describe current research and its importance on early experiences, specifically around brain development.

  • Teaching Practice 11.1: Identifies strategies that support children in communicating their thoughts and feelings both verbally and non-verbally in any language.
  • Teaching Practice 39.2: Plans and monitors learning opportunities and provides materials for children to express their creativity through music, movement, dramatic play, visual arts, construction, storytelling, blocks, sand, and water play.
  • Teaching Practice 40.2: Plans and monitors time, materials, and space to explore and experiment with creative expression in multiple media
  • Child Growth, Development, and Learning 4.1: Describes current research on the importance of early experiences in the development of the whole child, with particular emphasis on brain development.

This course is available through The Denver Art Museum. Please email creativityresource@denverartmuseum.org to schedule a training for your program

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This course has been recognized as aligned to The Colorado Competencies and meeting best practice standards for adult instruction through the Colorado Shines PDIS Training Alignment Process. The Rules Regulating Child Care Facilities, issued by the Division of Early Care and Learning, Colorado Department of Human Services, take precedence over any course content.

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Please note, instructors will mark your attendance and course completion in the Colorado Shines PDIS within seven days of the course event date. Paper certificates might not be issued at this training. You may confirm your course completion, view, and print an online certificate through My Dashboard – My PDIS Transcript menu navigation of the Colorado Shines PDIS. Please do not upload a course certificate that is already linked to your Colorado Shines PDIS account as this may delay processing of professional credentials.

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This course is available through The Denver Art Museum. Please email creativityresource@denverartmuseum.org to schedule a training for your program

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