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Aim4Excellence: National Director Credential - Designing Indoor and Outdoor Environments (Module 6) (TAP)

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This module will strengthen your program and leadership capacity as you plan, evaluate, and improve indoor and outdoor environments for infants, toddlers, pre-K, and school-age children to create the highest quality setting for children, families, and staff to thrive.

*This course is recognized through Colorado Shines PDIS TAP as supporting the Colorado Competencies for Early Childhood Educators and Administrators and best practice for adult learning. TAP recognition does not indicate that course will be accepted by college systems nor does it provide eligibility to be director qualified in Colorado.

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Course Delivery Method
Online self-paced with feedback provided for submitted knowledge checks. Please see information below on how to register. Please follow registration instructions provided by sponsor if participating in a cohort.

Target Audience
Directors, Administrators, and Family Child Care Providers 

Interest in learning about the Whole Leadership Framework for administering an early childhood program.

$175.00 per module ($1,575 for all nine modules)
Upon completion, learner will be able to:

  • Explain the impact of the physical setting on behavior and learning.
  • Plan for specific developmental, caregiving, and learning needs in infant, toddler, preschool, and after-school program settings.
  • Describe the design elements of settings and materials with implications for planning, supervision, access, and accountability.
  • Provide feedback to strengthen teacher competencies in preparing child-centered play, learning, and activity spaces.
  • Locate resources and materials to ensure alignment of your setting with quality rating improvement systems, licensing, and regulatory requirements.
This training aligns to Colorado's Competencies for Early Childhood Educators and Administrators.

Child Growth, Development, and Learning 4.2 Utilizes knowledge of the current research and pedagogy (e.g., early brain development, continuity of care) to implement strategies that support environments, interactions, relationship-building, and experiences which foster positive brain development and emotional competence.
Child Growth, Development, and Learning 9.3 Analyzes, plans, implements, and monitors adapted learning environments and experiences to ensure that children with special needs can fully participate in all learning
Heath, Safety, and Nutrition 12.1 Identifies safety requirements for all outdoor and indoor areas including the condition of equipment and materials and identification of potential hazards.
Teaching Practices 2.4 Provides guidance, support, and professional development on strategies to organize the classroom environments and management strategies to promote child growth, development, and learning.
Teaching Practices 3.3 Plans and evaluates materials for all age levels to ensure that they reflect a wide range of cultures and special needs, including those represented within the community.
Teaching Practices 7.3 Plans, monitors, and evaluates and recommends equipment, physical development opportunities, and use of space to promote physical development within the child’s natural settings.
Teaching Practices 43.3 Evaluates environments and experiences that allow children to actively explore and discover the world around them both inside and outside.


This training is available through McCormick Center for Early Childhood Leadership. Please visit McCormick Center for Early Childhood Leadership to register and make payment. Participants may register for one module at a time or all nine modules at once. Participants should not upload certificate into PDIS as McCormick Center for Early Childhood Leadership will forward module completion information to PDIS. Completion information will appear in participant's PDIS account within one month of completion. Please follow registration instructions provided by sponsor if participating in a cohort.

Last update 3/22/2021

Additional Information

This course has been recognized as aligned to The Colorado Competencies and meeting best practice standards for adult instruction through the Colorado Shines PDIS Training Alignment Process. The Rules Regulating Child Care Facilities, issued by the Division of Early Care and Learning, Colorado Department of Human Services, take precedence over any course content.

To view Child Care Licensing Rules:

For more information, contact your child care licensing specialist.

Please note, instructors will mark your attendance and course completion in the Colorado Shines PDIS within one month of the module completion date. Paper certificates might not be issued at this training. You may confirm your course completion, view, and print an online certificate through My Dashboard – My PDIS Transcript menu navigation of the Colorado Shines PDIS. Please do not upload a course certificate that is already linked to your Colorado Shines PDIS account as this may delay processing of professional credentials.

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