Guidance Strategies for Young Children (ECE103)

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This course is not available through the PDIS. 

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Please contact your local community college for more information on course availability. For information on community college locations, visit “Our Colleges” on the Colorado Community College System website

Course Description

Guidance Strategies for Young Children explores guidance theories, applications, goals, techniques and factors that influence expectations, classroom management issues and prosocial skills.  Addresses ages birth through age 8.

Target Audience

This course is intended for students currently enrolled in one of Colorado's Community Colleges and wishing to improve their skills, attain an early childhood certification, or attain an Associate's degree.


Upon completion, the learner will be able to:

1.  Explain guidance theories:  developmental, behavioral, maturational and constructivist.
2.  Design social-emotional goals and objectives for individual children and groups in early childhood programs.
3.  Apply child development knowledge to guidance techniques.
4.  Explain the influence of culture and family system on the child's behavior.
5.  Identify components of evidence-based guidance techniques.
6.  Identify personal attitudes toward children's behaviors that challenge Early Childhood professionals.
7.  Identify and apply techniques that facilitate pro-social skill development with and without exceptionalities.
8.  Identify components of the supportive and inclusive classroom community.
9.  Identify teacher attributes that support effective guidance of young children.
10.Use technology to locate evidence-based practices related to guidance.
11. Use knowledge of individual child's strengths and interests as well as everyday routines, relationships, activities and natural environments to facilitate engagement.
12. Develop an understanding of evidence-based practices in early childhood including children with special needs.

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