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Trainer Credential and Training Alignment and Approval

The Trainer Credential (formerly Trainer Approval) and Training Alignment and Approval (formerly Training Approval) are designed to strengthen Colorado’s early childhood training system. The application for a Trainer Credential is now available in the PDIS and can be accessed in the My Profile section under Early Childhood Credentials.  Currently, both of these are voluntary processes; however, in the future, to earn points toward the Ongoing Professional Development component of the EC Professional Credential, individuals will need to participate in approved trainings provided by a credentialed trainer. The Early Childhood Professional Development team and the Office of Early Childhood at the Colorado Department of Human Services are partnering to develop a plan to implement the Training Alignment and Approval process once the online approval system is available within PDIS.  It is our priority to ensure that professional development providers have adequate time to participate in these systems and that professionals have adequate access to approved trainings before requiring approval for the purpose of the EC Professional Credential.

Trainer Credential

For more information on the Trainer Credential, contact the PDIS Help Desk
How to apply for a Trainer Credential

Trainer Credential Requirements

Trainer Credential Acceptable Adult Learning and Course Design Training Equivalent Courses

Trainer Approval applications from our previous system are no longer accepted as of January 1st, 2018.  All individual Trainer Approvals will remain valid until their expiration date.

PLEASE NOTE: The Trainer Credential and Training Alignment and Approval processes are separate from the Training Vendor Approval required for child care licensing training requirements such as Pre-Licensing, Standard Precautions, First Aid/CPR, and/or Medication Administration.  The Standard Precautions Training Attestation can be found in the PDIS Course Catalog.  Please see the Division of Early Care and Learning website for more information about Training Vendor Approval and these requirements.

Training Alignment and Approval

For more information on Training Alignment and Approval, contact the PDIS Help Desk.

As revisions to The Training Alignment and Approval (TA&A) System are finalized, the application document is no longer available and has been removed from the PDIS.  If you would like to prepare for the coming online application, please download the TA&A Preparation Worksheets below and complete the online Training Design course in PDIS.  Both of these will help you to prepare for the online application when it becomes available.   

Training Alignment and Approval Preparation Worksheet Type A

Training Alignment and Approval Preparation Worksheet Type B

PDIS Training and Trainer Support Courses

Training Alignment and Approval Resources

Current List of Aligned & Approved Trainings


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