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Competencies detail what early care and learning professionals need to know and be able to do to work effectively with families and children.

Colorado's Competencies for Early Childhood Educators and Administrators (version in English)

Colorado's Competencies for Early Childhood Educators and Administrators (version in Spanish)

La Autoevaluación de Aptitudes ahora está disponible en español. Puede elegir completar la versión en español imprimiéndola y luego ingresar en el PDIS las respuestas en la Autoevaluación en inglés o esperar hasta que la versión interactiva en español sea activada. Esta versión interactiva en español de la Autoevaluación estará disponible en el PDIS a principios de 2016. Haga clic AQUÍ para tener acceso a la versión para imprimir.

Coaching Competencies

Trainer Competencies - This competency set will be used to inform the upcoming Trainer Credential.  Look for this new credential in Spring of 2017.

Competencies Self-Assessment - This version of the Competencies Self-Assessment will NOT transfer to the PDIS.  The Competencies Self-Assessment is now LIVE in the PDIS so we recommend doing your Competencies Self-Assessment in the PDIS!

Individual Professional Development PlanThis version of the Individual Professional Development Plan will NOT transfer to the PDIS.  The Individual Professional Development Plan is now LIVE in the PDIS so we recommend doing your Individual Professional Development Plan in the PDIS!

SMART Goals - This is a handy tool to use when working on your Professional Development Plan.

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