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Information about the Credential Interface 

Update as of March 10, 2021: A temporary workaround is in place and currently, February, March and April rated programs are being prioritized.  We are also working with Child Care Licensing to provide Credential information for those who are using the Credential to apply for Director Qualifications. The PDIS vendor is still working to fix the credential issues and the PDIS team is doing everything possible to encourage a rapid and error-free solution to the current credential issues.  

On January 29, 2021, the PDIS credential interface was disabled due to issues with the credential scoring engine. The issues with the credential scoring engine resulted in some inaccurate credential levels and points being awarded. While the credential interface is disabled, all credential activities will be unavailable; which include viewing credential information and applying for and renewing credentials. This has been identified as a high-priority issue and the PDIS vendor is actively working towards a resolution.   

All other PDIS activities are available.

Temporary workarounds are being explored and may be available on a limited basis around the beginning of March. Updates will be communicated on this page. We understand that the Credential is a very important part of program quality rating and professional qualifications. We value and recognize the effort and achievement that went into earning your Credential. To better understand the Credential scoring, please reference the Early Childhood Professional Credential worksheet and other Credential information, available here

Frequently Asked Questions

1.   Why is the Credential Interface disabled?

Because of the persistent and ongoing issues with the credential scoring engine, the credential interface was disabled on January 29, 2021 to prevent individuals from receiving inaccurate credential information. The PDIS vendor is working to fix the issues and the PDIS team is doing everything possible to encourage a rapid and error-free solution. More information will be provided when a resolution is determined.    

2.   Why is the temporary workaround in place?

The PDIS Team created a temporary workaround to ensure professionals are still able to earn/renew credentials while the credential interface is disabled. The temporary workaround is a lengthy, manual process but it is a way to still allow accurate credential processing.

3.   How are credential requests prioritized?

  • 1st priority - Expedite requests from a Child Care Licensing Supervisor because a program is in danger of closing
  • 2nd priority - February, March, and April QRIS programs in a rating, individuals who are using the Credential to apply for Director Qualifications, Coaching Credentials
  • 3rd priority - Submissions that were submitted prior to the credential interface being disabled (1/29/21)

4.   Why are QRIS programs prioritized?

Programs in a rating window are prioritized because there are deadlines that have to be met to produce the rating.  The rating is tied to program funding, and we don’t want programs to experience a disruption in funding.

5.   How can submissions get expedited?

If your program is in danger of closing due to the lack of qualified staff, your licensing specialist will consult a licensing supervisor and an expedite request will be submitted to the PDIS team by either the licensing specialist or the supervisor.  We will then email the submission link to complete the temporary workaround.

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