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Coaching Frequently Asked Questions

1.   What is the Colorado Coaching Credential?

Aligned to the Colorado Coaching Competencies for Early Childhood Coaches, the Colorado Coaching Credential recognizes coaches who have the foundational skills and dispositions necessary for effective coaching in the early childhood field. This provides statewide recognition to professionals working with adults in the coaching capacity.

2.   What training has been approved to meet the training requirement for the Colorado Coaching Credential?

  1. Relationship-Based Professional Development, offered at no cost to you by the Office of Early Childhood
  2. Coaching with the EQ RELATE paired with approved* Adult Learning and Design courses
  3. Coaching Academy Module 1: Foundations for Coaching Early Childhood Professionals, offered by the University of Colorado, Denver. This module is also referred to as ECED 4410/5410 and can be converted to college credit
  4. Transformational Coaching for Early Childhood Educators, offered by Horizons in Learning 
  5. Pyramid Plus Coach Certification, offered by the Colorado Center for Social Emotional Competence and Inclusion

*There is a list of approved Adult Learning and Training Design trainings in the Colorado Shines PDIS. Approved adult learning and design courses used for trainer approval are approved for this component of the EQ RELATE training only.

3.   What is Relationship-Based Professional Development (RBPD) training and do I need to complete all four training days?

The Office of Early Childhood provides Relationship-Based Professional Development (RBPD) training in local communities across the state at no cost to participants. This coaching-specific training meets the training requirement for the Colorado Coaching Credential. Topics covered include: characteristics of coaching in early childhood settings, working with adult learners, coaching skills, reflective practice and tools to support the coach and coachee in continuous quality improvement. To receive a certificate of completion for RBPD, participants must attend all four training days. If you must miss more than one hour of any scheduled day, we ask that you register for a different training that better meets your scheduling needs.

4.   How do I receive a certificate for my RBPD training? 

Once you have completed the face to face RBPD training, you will be able to view your certificate in the PDIS. To view your certificate, log in to PDIS, go to My Learning Path and PD Planning and then go to My Transcript. Within My Transcript, you can click on View Certificate in the Course Information for each course. If a hard copy is needed, the certificate can be printed. Since completion details have already been entered into the PDIS, this training information already been applied toward the individual’s EC Professional Credential. 

5.   Is it okay to apply for a Coaching Credential before my Early Childhood Professional Credential is approved?

Yes. Complete the information required for the Early Childhood Professional Credential in the Colorado Shines PDIS. Then submit documentation for the Coaching Credential application, leaving blank the line where it asks for the Early Childhood Professional Credential number blank.  

6.   How do I document direct coaching hours?

There are two ways to document coaching hours, depending on the organization you work for/with:
  1. All coaching hours conducted through the Early Childhood Councils should be documented within EcConnect under the individual program. If you are an ECC coach and do not have access to EcConnect please contact the Early Childhood Council you are working with to create an account. 
  2. A letter from the coach that includes:
    1. Letter printed on organization’s letterhead
    2. Coach’s name
    3. Coachee’s name
    4. Date range of coaching visits
    5. Number of coaching hours provided to the coachee
    6. Focus or context of coaching*
    7. Signature of the coachee’s program supervisor
    8. Signature of the coach
*This does NOT include personal information about the coachee’s goals or details about coaching visits

7.   Once the Coaching Credential Application is submitted to, how can I verify that everything has been received?

Email Ginny Valenzuela: to check on the status of your Colorado Coaching Credential documents, and whether or not both of your references have been received.  

8.   Do coaches need to complete the self-assessment in PDIS when they are applying for the Coaching Credential?

Each type of state credential you apply for has a distinct self-assessment regarding the competencies that are needed in that role. When applying for a Coaching Credential, you will need to do the Coaching Competencies Self-Assessment to inform your Professional Development Plan. You do not need to submit this self-assessment, but you do need to submit the Professional Development Plan with your Coaching Credential application. Completing the Early Childhood Educator and Administrator Competency Self-Assessment in PDIS is not required for the Coaching Credential application. 

9.    How long is the Colorado Coaching Credential valid for?

As of March 1, 2020, all newly awarded Colorado Coaching Credentials are valid for three years . Prior to March 1, 2020 Level II and Level III Colorado Coaching Credentials are each valid for five years from the date awarded.

10. What happened to the three Credential levels?

On March 1, 2020, the Colorado Department of Education and the Colorado Department of Human Services eliminated Levels II and III of the Coaching Credential. This decision was made after assessing state-level supports for coaches and identifying that the lack of system partners that incentivize or require Levels II and III of the Coaching Credential. For those who have a current Level II or III Coaching Credential, we thank you for your effort and dedication and will keep record of these credentials until their expiration.

11. What is Reflective Supervision/Consultation?

Reflective Supervision/Consultation is described by Gilkerson & Shamoon-Shanok as, “the process of examining, with someone else, the thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions evoked in the course of working closely with young children and their families. The essential features of this supervisory relationship are reflection, collaboration, and regularity of occurrence (2000).” This form of ongoing professional development supports the emotional resilience of early childhood coaches and the ability to work effectively with the diverse population of colleagues and families the coach serves (University of MN, 2019). RS/C is provided individually or in small groups and encourages participants to reflect on their own and other’s coaching experiences in a safe environment, guided by a trained facilitator of RS/C.

12. How do I find someone who can facilitate Reflective Supervision/Consultation?

Prior to providing reflective supervision/consultation the facilitator must receive two full days (12+ hours) of training specific to facilitating reflective supervision/consultation. The Office of Early Childhood and the Colorado Association for Infant Mental Health offer an approved two-day training.
Across Colorado, 34 Early Childhood Councils (ECCs) serve as hubs in their local communities to improve access to high quality services, including coaching and RS/C. Connect with your local ECC to find a facilitator of reflective supervision/consultation near you.
Should your local ECC not have a staff member trained in RS/C please reach out to Christine Bauer at the Office of Early Childhood for additional information. Call (303) 866-3107 or email

13.What documentation is needed to show I have received Reflective Supervision/Consultation?

Each coach is required to receive 25 hours of RS/C within the past three years to renew their Colorado Coaching Credential.  A letter on letterhead, generated by the RS/C facilitator must contain the following information to verify RS/C hours received by a coach:
1.    Letter printed on organization’s letterhead
2.    Facilitator's name
3.    Supervisee’s name
4.    Date range RS/C was received
5.    Number of RS/C hours provided by the facilitator
6.    Signature of the supervisee’s program supervisor
7.    Signature of the facilitator 
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