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I hereby certify that the information I am providing to the Colorado Early Childhood Professional Development   Information System is complete and accurate.  I understand that I am in charge of my personal account and that information will not be shared with others without my permission (see below). I understand that my personal information will be kept confidential according to all applicable state and federal laws and regulations and protected according to CDHS and CDE’s privacy and security policies.   I agree to the following PDIS Terms of Service.  I agree that my information may be used to: 

⃝  Support my registration in approved training in PDIS; or, as an approved trainer, support my provision of approved training

⃝  Support my program’s participation in QRIS and other quality initiatives implemented by Colorado’s Early Childhood Councils

⃝  Document regulatory requirements

⃝  Determine my Colorado Early Childhood Professional Credential level

⃝  Report to Office of Early Childhood funders about workforce deliverables and requirements

⃝  Provide relevant agencies and organizations – such as Colorado Department of Child Care Licensing – with access to verify my individual educational attainment and ongoing training and education

⃝  Provide aggregate education, employment, and training data for research purposes.

⃝  Report, and provide public information on workforce trends (Note: This information is always provided as an aggregate; no personally identifiable information is available.)

⃝  Determine my eligibility for quality initiatives, such as targeted scholarship opportunities, that support the Colorado Professional Development System

⃝  I understand that the confidentiality of my personal information will be protected to the extent permitted under Colorado and federal law while being used as part of the aggregate data reported to local, regional, state and federal stakeholders.

⃝  I understand that PDIS reserves the right to change the Terms of Service without any further notice and that all changes will be posted on the PDIS website ( at least 30 days prior to their implementation.

⃝  I understand that I may “opt out” of the Terms of Service at any point in time.  Opting out will result in termination of my individual membership and/or authorization for accessing and using the PDIS.


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