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Can I submit college transcripts I print off myself?

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Can I submit college transcripts I print off myself?

Transcripts submitted for points in Formal Education must be Official Transcripts. An Official Transcript bears the seal of the college or university and signature of the registrar. Some seals are raised while others are colored. Only Official Transcripts with the registrar's seal and stamped ‘Issued to Student’ will be accepted. - See more info Here .

Often, Official Transcripts are on security paper that may show words such as ‘copy’ or ‘void’ once they have been scanned.  These features help us to recognize Official Transcripts and are acceptable.  As long as the transcript has the registrar’s seal, we will accept it as an Official Transcript. 

*Please note that CDE Educator Licensing does not file transcripts, scores, or any other documentation on your behalf. They also do not keep these documents on file. Any transcripts previously submitted to CDE Educator Licensing are not available to the CDE Early Childhood Professional Development team.  Please keep your transcripts, scores, and other documentation in your own personal files in case of audit or for future use. 

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